Benito Juárez Scholarships: How to know if I will receive the April payment and requirements

The National Coordination of the Benito Juárez Social Welfare Scholarship Well defined payment dates in the calendar, announced at the end of 2021. Beneficiaries of this program that supports students of all educational levels must be in the know because they need the dose of expenses that can be generated month after month.

The news is that The month of April has already been covered by the authorities responsible for this stimulus So in this month you should not expect any deposit. According to the scheduled times As of the second week of February, 3,360 pesos have been deposited For students in elementary and middle schools. Who are at the university? They should have received 9800 pesos.

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In the case of the last two levels, the resource corresponds to months February, March, April and May. In January, this stimulus was not given because it is a holiday break.

When will the next batch of the Benito Juarez Scholarship be?

  • You must manage the first installment of the year well, as it will take place until the third week of July when you will receive the deposit again, which will be in the amount of 1,680 pesos for basic and secondary education; University students will receive 4900 pesos.

What are the requirements for obtaining the Benito Juarez Scholarship?

  • The Applicants for this financial support Provided by the federal government you must meet the following requirements to be a beneficiary:
  • He is Registered in a public institution It belongs to the National Educational Service. From basic, secondary and higher education
  • potential beneficiaries They should have no other incentive government
  • image definition From parents or guardians
  • Address proofas recently as possible
  • Student ID such as birth certificate or curp
  • guide for On-campus registration public education
  • At the beginning of the semester or study period, You must contact the scholarship official From your school to provide your contact information when ordering a campus

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How do I know if I have been awarded the Benito Juarez Scholarship?

Scholarship link for your school, He will notify you of the results or call the line 55 1162 0300. You can also write to the Mi Beca Benito Juárez system atárezSistema

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