Benito Juarez Scholarships 2022: How to schedule a student financial aid application?

AndThe school year continues and many students find themselves Awaiting payment of the Benito Juarez Scholarship, While others seek to register to be beneficiaries.

Steps and requirements for scheduling an appointment on Benito Juárez Scholarships 2022

  1. Enter the platform with your CURP
  2. Select the “You have outstanding payments” tab.
  3. The office you should go to will be allocated
  4. You must choose the date and time
  5. Fill in your contact information
  6. Click Make Your Appointment
  7. Download your coupon
  8. Select Exit to log out

How Much is the Benito Juarez Scholarship 2022?

The amount that beneficiaries will receive in the periods of February, March, April and May is 3,600 pesos And it must be remembered that the month of January is not taken into account for the holiday period in schools.

How are scholarship funds collected?

Scholarship payment It is carried out in the branches of three liquidators, namely Banco Azteca, Banco del Bienestar and Telecomm, Where you can withdraw the corresponding funds.

When will the Benito Juarez Scholarship be paid in April 2022?

The corresponding payment for the month of April had already been delivered and had to be paid due to the electoral ban To consult citizens that will take place this month.

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