Benito Juárez Scholarship in Chihuahua: When will the double deposit for students take place? – Herald Chihuahua

The Benito Juárez Welfare Scholarship has undoubtedly benefited thousands of young people across the country, so that they can continue their studies, as most of them use the money to pay for school fees, uniforms or school supplies they need for your classes.

The scholarship supports girls, boys, teens, and young adults from low-income families, which is why we tell you the double deposit dates for the scholarship for students.

How is the Benito Juarez Scholarship divided and who is the recipient?

According to data from the Federal Government, the Benito Juárez Basic Education Scholarship mainly serves minors who attend preschool, primary or secondary school, as well as schools located in priority areas.

Meanwhile, Benito Juárez High School and Higher Education Sponsorship Scholarship serves young people who are pursuing a baccalaureate, bachelor’s or higher technical degree in public education schools, with a maximum of 29 years.

What are the grants disbursement dates and when they are doubled?

According to the official calendar of the Benito Juárez Social Welfare Scholarship Program, the next scheduled payment will be made during the third and fourth weeks of July corresponding to the two-month period from May to June.

In return, a double payment will be made for the last two monthly periods of the year, which will be paid between the second and third week of November.

The students who get the double batch are those who are enrolled in the Benito Juárez Social Welfare Scholarship for Basic Education, the Benito Juárez Global Scholarship for High School Students and the Benito Juárez Higher Education Welfare Scholarship, that is, young people write the future.

How will the payments be and how much will the scholarships be worth?

Bienestar reports that payments are determined according to the level of your scholarship. In the case of basic level students, they will receive their payment in the third week of July, which will consist of 1,680 pesos.

For those of the higher media, they will receive a total of 1,680 pesos, covering the period of June and July, the same for the third week of July.

And for those with higher education, they will receive 4 thousand 900 pesos covering the same period as the others.

Regarding the double payment, basic education students will receive 3,000 pesos for the two periods from September to October and from November to December.

For upper secondary education, 3,360 pesos will be received for the same period.

Finally, for students enrolled in Youth Writing the Future, the scholarship will consist of 9,800 pesos, which corresponds to the last two periods of the year.

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For any information regarding the delivery of outstanding scholarships, you can go to and refer to more detailed information about the program there.

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