Benito Juarez Primary and Secondary Scholarship 2022. Payment schedule

There are several reasons why a family can be removed from a list Benito Juarez Scholarships Basic level, which is aimed at preschool, primary and secondary school students.

According to the information you posted National Coordination of Benito Juarez Charitable Grants (CNBBBJ), these are the reasons why a student loses his scholarship.

  • When you voluntarily and expressly resign from the program.
  • If your beneficiary daughter and/or son passes away and you no longer have daughters and/or sons enrolled in a certain level of basic education in a public school with formal education.
  • If a duplication is detected in your family or any of its members in the list of beneficiaries.
  • When, after applying a new family ID card, the result of information analysis shows that your family already has enough resources to meet their basic needs. *This applies only to those families who do not have daughters and/or sons enrolled in a general basic education school located in a priority location.
  • When your daughters and/or sons are no longer enrolled or enrolled in a public school of basic education.
  • If we discover that as a mother, father or guardian you have provided false information or false documents.
  • If the educational authority and/or the corresponding school informs us that your beneficiary daughter and/or son has suspended their studies and you no longer have any more daughters and/or sons enrolled in a public school of basic education.
  • If your daughters and/or beneficiary sons are not enrolled in a public school with a formal method of basic education located in a local priority area.
  • If you don’t collect your Payments in the next four months after they are issued or you don’t go on two consecutive occasions to collect your MAT support.

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It is important to remember that the Benito Juárez Scholarships for Elementary, Secondary, and Preschool are awarded to each family; That is, if a registered family has three children at the basic level, they will only receive support.

The requirements for obtaining this support are:

  • They are enrolled or enrolled in public school-style schools located in priority areas.
  • They have a low income, which means that the resources available to the family are insufficient to cover the basic needs of their daughters and/or sons.


The scholarship consists of 840 pesos per month and each family will be able to receive it during the ten months of the school year.

The next installment of the Benito Juárez Basic Scholarship will be paid starting from the third week of July, when the deposit is paid for the third two-month period, from May to June, in the amount of 1,680 pesos per family.

Families receiving their support through the Temporary Assistance Office (MAT) on campus will begin receiving their payments from the fourth week of July for field operations.

The final payment for the Benito Juárez Scholarship 2022 will be jointly paid, three thousand 360 pesos in total corresponding to the September-October and November-December periods, from the second and third week of November, by means of payment deposited on account and operation in the field, respectively.

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In basic education, it is estimated that more than 3.8 million families will be reached with a social investment of over 12 billion pesos for pre-school, primary and secondary students in public schools across the country.

Updating data

To carry out any process of updating personal or school data, you must go to one of the Benito Juárez Scholarships Coordination Offices. Before doing this, we recommend that you call 0300 1162 55 to find out what documents you must bring. To check out the guide, click this link.

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