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Elvia Maria Foundation It is an entity focused on helping the students Public schools and classes 1, 2 and 3 to give them academic enhancement and professional orientation and Help them find college scholarships.

To strengthen its work and provide clearer information, preventing students from making mistakes when filling out forms or making mistakes when choosing a profession, The Foundation created the Bécate platform (www.becate.co).

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The portal provides all the information a student needs to learn about all the opportunities available to study at a university or academic institution through scholarships. In addition, it communicates all requirements and procedures, once the grant is won, so that the recipients can satisfactorily handle the call.the institution stated.

It is important to clarify that young people who wish to obtain Elvia María assistance in obtaining scholarships must adhere to the following: Requirements: A high score in the Icfes Saber 11 exams and a Sisbén 4 record.

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Career guidance, strategic alliances and academic preparation for young people, from the time they are in the tenth and eleventh grades to the moment they process and finally receive scholarship applications, is a challenge for Elvia María, including the largest number of responsible agents: government, private sector, schools universities, students themselves and even their families‘ said the foundation.

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Those who wish to contribute to the training that the entity provides to young people can do so through www.fundacionelviamaria.org. There they canGet in touch and contribute any amount to allow this program to have a long life and with it we can improve our community and make it more equitable“.


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