Becal states that more than 170 scholarships are available to apply

Asunción, IP Agency.- More than 170 scholarships available in the Tool Application System (SPI) are enabled, under the first call of the Don Carlos Antonio López (Bical) National Postgraduate Scholarship Program for the year.

Under the self-management modality, 110 places are available, the application period closes on Sunday 8 May 2022; While within the auxiliary method, there are 62 quotas, which also expire on May 8 and April 30, 2022 in the case of Masters and PhD in Canada.

GBC guides for self-managed style scholarships can be found at this link GBC Scholarships with Method Auxiliary are found in these links, respectively s

An essential basic step is to read the GBC to understand the requirements and comply with all the steps, to compete for one of the 172 scholarships available this semester in the various programs offered by Becal to study in the best universities in the world and also in the country, in the case of languages, the Ministry of Finance stated.

Applications are submitted entirely electronically, through the SPI of the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt).

It is worth noting that among the types of scholarships offered by Becal are postgraduate scholarships that include masters, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees abroad. As well as international student exchanges at degree level abroad. Likewise, there are scholarships for German, French, English and Portuguese language courses in Paraguay.

Becal aims to boost the country’s advanced human capital, particularly through postgraduate courses focusing on master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and post-doctoral degrees at the world’s top universities. Scholarships for degrees and language mobility are complementary to preparing young people for the purpose of postgraduate studies.

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