Becal offers scholarships to study English, German, French and Portuguese languages

Asuncion, IP Agency.- The language courses that will be funded with scholarships from the Don Carlos Antonio López National Scholarship Program for Postgraduate Studies Abroad (BECAL), which is dependent on the Ministry of Finance, are German, French, English and Portuguese and are intended for students studying a university career in Paraguay.

This policy provides an opportunity for young people who later wish to apply for scholarships for postgraduate studies at the best universities in the world.

There are 50 places available funded by the Fund for Excellence in Education and Research (FEEI). The application will be open from Monday 7 March to Monday 8 May through the Conacyt Research application system. Prepare yourself by reading the rules and conditions guide available on the web:

The language courses are aimed at Paraguayan or naturalized students, who are enrolled in a Paraguayan university degree, either face-to-face or online, with a completed overall semester academic average with a minimum of 3.0 on a 5.0 scale. The student must be enrolled in the first academic period of 2022 and study at least in the second year or third semester or be in the thesis stage.

Language courses in Paraguay must be conducted at institutes and headquarters approved by the program and contact them. The applicant may only register in the study of a language for the scholarship period and can choose the preferred language centre, where they must take the respective placement test and request the corresponding letter of admission.

The centers accredited by the program are the Alliance Francaise in Asuncion. Berlitz for business operations in various locations; Paraguayan American Cultural Center (CCPA) at several Eurosur – Encarnación sites; German Paraguayan Cultural Institute in Asuncion; ILPOR Language Center in Asuncion; Stael Ruffinelli de Ortiz in Asuncion; English is spoken in Coronel Oviedo.

The language course scholarship can be renewed for an additional 12 months, during which the scholarship recipient must provide evidence of completion of the first year of study.

The BECAL program with these scholarships aims to enable students to master languages ​​and then apply to calls for postgraduate studies abroad.

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