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Pronabec announced that from April 4 to May 6, the second moment to apply for the Beca 18 competition will begin, call 2022, in which an additional 3,024 comprehensive scholarships will be awarded, which cover full higher education and necessary maintenance for talents with limited economic resources or in a state of weakness.

In total, this year Pronabec will award 5,000 comprehensive scholarships to Beca 18. Last March, the list of the first 1,976 winners who participated in the first moment to apply for the competition was announced. It must be remembered that in the current 2022 call for the competition, Only young talents who were shortlisted in December 2021 participate.

“Beca 18 has two application times. It is done this way because we are aware that institutes, universities and schools have different beginnings in the year. Some are in March, some are in April and entrance exams are given in different months as well. Who did that? They didn’t get On the scholarship in the first moment, they will have a second chance in the second moment,” explained Lisbeth Pohorkes Yoban, a scholarship management specialist at Brunabeek, in an interview with Andean Daily.

The expert explained that those who could not win the scholarship in either of the two moments of the current application process should not be discouraged, on the contrary, they will be able to try again in the next process.

“If you do not participate in the first and second moments of this year, you can present yourself in the next competition if you continue to meet the application requirements requested in the call. There is no prohibition to do so, as long as the required requirements are met.”

How to apply now?

Those who were previously selected and who did not apply at the first moment, were not selected or were not eligible for the scholarship may apply again at the second moment of the competition, provided they comply with what is described in the rules. To do this, they will have to re-enter the Application for Selection Module (Sibec) from the Pronabec page and enter the required requirements.

Requirements that those shortlisted for the second moment of application must meet:

1. Be enrolled in a HEI, location and eligible study program to commence study in the academic year 2022 (you have proof of admission).

2. Have completed high school in regular basic (EBR), alternative (EBA), or special education (EBE).

3. Applicants for the regular Beca 18 form must demonstrate a state of poverty or extreme poverty, according to Midis Sisfoh.

4. Submit the declarations and forms generated by the application module.

Giulio Moreno, Coordinator of the Pronabec Office of Scholarship Administration, explained that shortlisted candidates who applied at the first moment with proof of admission to an eligible Higher Education Institution (HEI), which indicated the start of classes in semester 2022-I, but did not commence studies, must They are required to provide proof of acceptance in addition to the registration reservation for semester 2022-II or proof of acceptance indicating the start of semesters in semester 2022-II.

Those pre-selected who have commenced study in semester 2022-I must, in addition to proof of admission to IES, place and eligible program of study, attach proof of enrollment in 2022-I. Both documents can be uploaded to the application module in a single PDF file.

They may also share with other proof of admission from another higher education institution, headquarters and eligible study program to commence study in 2022, which must be obtained under the institution’s regular admissions process and in accordance with the provisions of the University Act.

It is necessary to remember that benefits for scholarship holders are awarded as of the decision of HQ, and benefits are not recognized at the time of previously lapsed studies.

menu for The chosen one will be published on May 23. After completing their application, youngsters should be aware of their Sibec funds for any notification that may arrive. It should be remembered that at this point only those shortlisted for the 2022 competition can participate, as it is not a new call.

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Publication date: 4/10/2022

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