Barranquilla: Scholarships to study at the National Police – Barranquilla – Colombia

the life dream Andres Navarro Ariza It comes close to being a reality: he is one of 500 scholarship recipients offered this Wednesday by the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office for training as a technical specialist in the police service.

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“We are all very happy to receive this scholarship. This is an effort by every family and every young man. It is an honor to be able to belong to this institution, because we will be good people,” said the 25-year-old.

The beneficiary added that belonging to the ranks of this authority means accompanying citizens and “being in everything.”

The agreement was signed last May with the National Police and guarantees access to police training for young people with disabilities service profession to the community, according to the district administration.

Job opportunity in Barranquilla

We bring together young people between the ages of 18 and 27, give them education and give them a job

The space encourages building life projects that focus on protecting citizenship, as well as preserving general systemSafety and healthy coexistence.

“They have made sure that, if they complete this process with merit and police requirements, they will get a guaranteed job,” Mayor Jaime Pomarejo said while making the grant.

The head of the neighborhood stressed that in addition to joining the National Police, they will provide a service to the city, because they They will work in Barranquilla For some time.

In other words, the city’s youth will educate themselves, educate and graduate in order to later get a job, patronizing the capital of the Atlantic.

“We receive young people between the ages of 18 and 27, we provide them with education and we give them a job. It is a great opportunity and we hope to continue working hand in hand with the police,” said Pomarijo.

There are 350 men and 150 women

For his part, the Deputy Chief of Police of the Metropolitan Barranquilla, Colonel John Sepúlveda, stated that these young people are “the future, the seeds of maintaining the rule of law”.

According to the head of the Office of Citizen Security and Coexistence, Nelson Patron, this agreement is a way to advance security matters and Provide new opportunities for young people.

We have 350 men and 150 women who will serve the community within a year. “It will be the young people themselves who take care of their city and empower themselves,” the official said.

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Scholarship Award Criteria

During the selection process for awarding the degree scholarships, the Mayor’s Office reported that the following selection criteria were taken into consideration:

  • Overcome the selection process by the National Police Foundation Office.
  • She belongs to the socioeconomic class of Barranquilla 1, 2 and 3.
  • Stand out during your selection process with outstanding scores on various tests submitted to the Inter-Institutional Team.
  • Outstanding score in the Admission Board.
  • Excellent score in interview and psychological test, which will demonstrate your profession of community service.


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