Banco Santander strengthens its cooperation agreements with Navarre Universities

In the case of UPNA, the actions stipulated in the agreement are included in two axes: education and entrepreneurship. Initially located is the Santander UPNA International Undergraduate Scholarship Program, which combines Palafox, Martin de Rada, ISEP USA, ISEP International and Bilateral Agreement Programs, as well as the Santander USA Pre-Doctoral Scholarship Program.

Likewise, the university’s participation in the “Santander Progress Scholarships” program is funded, which aims to facilitate access to higher education for students with the best academic records in any undergraduate and postgraduate course. The Entrepreneurship Hub for its part includes UPNA’s participation in the Santander Explorer Program.

On the other hand, the activities planned for 2022 with the University of Navarra also propose an educational hub with scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral students and for research staff in training. And the second axis in employability, which includes the basics programs and the boot camp, aims to guide access to the labor market.

The collaborative relationship between Banco Santander and both academic institutions has spanned through Santander Universities for 23 years and once again highlights the collaboration between the university and business necessary to support education, employment, competitiveness, and youth progress.

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