Banco Santander has launched Campus Digital, the new mobile application for university students in Latin America and Portugal

Campus Digital, in its pre-launch phase, has been successfully tested in 12 universities in Chile, Mexico and Brazil, with a total of more than 100,000 undergraduates, and 10 more institutions are already being integrated.

The main feature is the creation of a secure digital identity for students and teachers, which organizes a series of functions such as academic services, communications and non-financial offerings. All information in this link.

Madrid, 6 April 2022.
Banco Santander, through Universia, has launched Digital Campus, an innovative technology solution for universities in Latin America and Portugal that seeks to simplify procedures and daily communication for students and adapt to their needs.

This digital tool, which was born as part of the entity’s effort to support universities in their digital transformation, facilitates direct communication between the university, students and professors. It includes a new digital identity system with high security standards and the ability to offer value-added digital services such as access control, academic services (subjects, degrees, timetables…), university communications, scholarships, discounts and a personalized financial offer.

“The main value of Campus Digital is precisely the creation of secure digital credentials, directly linked to the student’s digital identity, through which many personalized services are provided”, Highlight Campus Digital Director, Juan Ramirez Soberon.

Since it was first launched in Chile as a pilot project, Campus Digital is already present in 12 universities in Mexico and Brazil, making it possible to serve more than 100,000 university students and 10 more institutions are currently being integrated. In addition, the international character of the project was enhanced by its expansion to Portugal.

It is expected, during this year, that the Digital Campus application will extend to more than 65 universities and that more than 1.2 million students and professors from Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Portugal will use it on their mobile devices. All information about Campus Digital can be found at this link.

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