Banco Santander awards 388,000 scholarships in three years to students, professionals and entrepreneurs

Last year alone, more than 162,000 students, professionals, and small and medium-sized businesses received support from the Bank through Santander Universities.

Since beginning its commitment to education, entrepreneurship and employment 25 years ago, Banco Santander has awarded more than 790,000 scholarships and grants with an investment of over €2,100 million.

Madrid, 7 March 2022.
Banco Santander has supported more than 162,000 students, professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs during 2021 through Santander Universities with an investment of €106 million.

With this support, Banco Santander has finished the past three years awarding 388,000 scholarships and reinforces its commitment to continuous learning (lifelong learning)In favor of excellence and equal opportunity. This represents a 94% increase over the entity’s commitment for this period, as the Bank has set itself a goal to help 200,000 people progress through scholarship, training and entrepreneurship programs.

Just in the last year, more than 40,600 people have been awarded a study, research or academic mobility scholarship; Over 23,100 entrepreneurship programs have benefited through the global Santander X initiative and nearly 98,500 scholarships for vocational training and training programs for refine s Skills development to enhance employment opportunities.

One of the main factors that characterized the programs developed in 2021 in the face of the new business scenario after the post-Covid social and economic crisis, was the importance of promoting vocational retraining (refine) The need to acquire new skillsSkills development). In this sense, the entity has made significant efforts to expand the offer of scholarships, including programs open to all profiles and all ages, to offer training pathways that enhance digital skills, develop the skills most demanded by companies, access for undergraduate studies, academic excellence and equal opportunity.

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