Banco Santander and Cambridge Offer Sustainability Scholarships

Banco Santander and Cambridge Judge Business Schoolthe world’s leading research institution on issues SustainabilityLaunches 1,000 Santander Sustainability Scholarships | Green Transition Skills – Cambridge Judge Business School. These scholarships are aimed at people who wish to be an active part of green initiatives in their work environment, regardless of their sector, or who seek to redirect their career towards Sustainability.

Scholarships will be available to residents of 13 different countries: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, SpainMexico, Poland, Portugal, Peru, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

What are sustainability grants?

This international program will last for 6 weeks and will be 100% online. It will provide an overview of Environmental problems and challenges that we face, as well as those Sustainability goals. Some of the issues are biodiversity loss, deforestation, renewable energies, circular economy and leadership skills needed for energy transition through Examples and success stories from experienced companies In implementing ESG (Environmental, Social and Good Governance) standards.

It will also include the tools needed to participate in Supportive Sustainability Initiatives Developed in professional environments, analyze their impact and understand the way companies interact and engage to address climate change.

Scholarships may be requested until June 9 and do not mean that At no cost. In addition, it will not be necessary for us to be clients of the bank and no minimum university degree is required, so Everyone has access to order this Sustainability Grants. Participants will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ from Cambridge Judge Business School.

Banco Santander and Cambridge Judge Business School are committed to the planet

to white sagatumDeputy Director Santander Universities“The green transition It is the most pressing and far-reaching challenge we have faced as a society. A challenge that requires awareness, education and tools to be able to meet it at the individual and institutional level. This is the meaning of this program which, in collaboration with a partner such as Cambridge Judge Business School, will bring great value to its participants.”

Mauro JilinDean of Cambridge Judge Business School, notes that “the achievement of a sustainable growth It is the biggest challenge we face today. The University of Cambridge and Cambridge Business School are at the forefront of efforts to understand the complexities of this challenge and how we can address it. We have overcome seeing this as a future problem and must actively participate in initiatives that urgently address this problem, because it is a problem of the present. It gives me great pleasure to collaborate with Banco Santander in this important effort to spread the knowledge and ability we already have to make a difference.”

With these statements by two senior officials from both entities, it is quite clear that both Banco Santander and Cambridge Judge Business School Committed to the challenge of sustainability And with the problem of climate change.

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