Baikal remembers that calls for scholarships in their various forms are still open

Asuncion, IP Agency.- Calls for the Don Carlos Antonio López (Bikal) National Postgraduate Scholarship Program are still open, so we urge professionals, graduate students and undergraduate students who have completed half their career to take advantage of the different types of scholarships in order to apply.

The main objective of Becal Calls is to form advanced human capital through masters, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees in the best universities in the world.

In this first semester of the year, Becal is offering over 100 scholarships for postgraduate courses abroad, so it is very important to read all the details in the GBC guides for each method.

In the self-management method, there are 105 scholarships for masters, doctoral and postdocs. The application period for all such calls closes on Sunday 8 May 2022. The Guide to the Terms and Conditions (GBC) for these calls is available at s

With the Auxiliary Method, 12 Masters and PhD Scholarships are available in Canada, by agreement with Caldo. This call is available until April 30, 2022 and a guide to the rules and conditions can be found at

Corresponding applications are made through the hardware application system (SPI) entirely electronically:

The program contains supplemental training scholarships for university students, an opportunity provided by Becal to support those who later plan to apply for master’s degrees at the best universities in the world. These are the languages ​​to be studied in the country; and those for an international degree, for one semester, abroad.

With these scholarships, the program aims to enable students to master languages ​​and then apply for calls for postgraduate studies abroad. GBC Languages ​​is available at For the Mobility degree program in s

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