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President Gabriel Borek announced this week that the BAES Junaeb scholarship card will be increased by approximately $5,000, effective June 2022, so the total contribution will be $36,800.

On April 7, the government announced Increase the amount of the Higher Education Food Scholarship (BAES) card received by Jeneb by 15%.

The scale is within 21 points of Chile supports plan.It aims to counter price hikes and help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be noted that from Confech they asked to increase the amount of the grant to 2 Unidades de Fomento (UF), about 63 thousand dollars, however, the adjustment is much less than required.

What is the Pays Genib Scholarship Card?

The Food Scholarship for Higher Education (BAES)is subsidized by the state, it is delivered by Jneep (National Council for School Aid and Scholarships) through the card and managed by the company Sodexo.

This aid, created in 2004, aims to support the most vulnerable students in higher education by providing a monthly amount, between March and December, to cover the purchase of food. also called June CardIt can be used in food stores and supermarkets.

How much will the new BAES Junaeb scholarship amount be?

After the government announced, The value of the BAES Junaeb Scholarship Card will be $36,800That’s $4,800, or 15% more than your current balance. The total figure is calculated based on an consumption of $1,840 per day, for 20 days per month (what is calculated is what the student attends in classes).

It should be noted that this benefit Currently, it’s $32,000 since 2013, which is the date when it last increased from $26,000. This example was the second time . was used June Card raised its value. Previously, in 2007, the scholarship saw its first increase since its inception in 2004.

important aspect of BAES Junaeb Scholarship, is that the balance is valid for just over a month. If the amount is not used within 5 days of the next balance release, it is forfeited and cannot be refunded.

When does the new balance start working?

According to the government, within the framework of the 21 measures of the “Chile supports” plan, the new balance in The BAES Junaeb Scholarship Card will start working from June 2022.

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