Atlantic Innovation Zone: Launching the Innovation Zone in the Creative and Cultural Industries | Barranquilla

in the middle of the General Assembly of the Ibero-American University Postgraduate Association (AUIP), Held at Simon Bolivar University, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Tito Cristian, announced the launch of The Atlantic Creative and Cultural Industries Innovation Zone.

The Minister stressed that this project has investments that exceed Five billion pesos.

“It is to encourage all the cultural and creative industries, as a process of awareness, training and provision of tools for the various cultural and creative sectors is carried out in Barranquilla so that they can design or improve technological development projects, such as service models … or products that allow you to solve a problem or satisfy need. In short, it’s working with these young people, with the sector, training them and giving them the resources so that they have the seed capital to develop those ideas”, Christian argued.

The minister added that this investment is linked to 10 billion pesos to be handed over by the government To focus the creative and cultural industries in general.

Christian also referred to the recognition as the scientific center of the Barranquilla Zoo, whose mission, as indicated by the Minister, is to make everyone aware of the advantages of approaching science. In addition, he indicated that more than 20 billion pesos will be invested In various scientific centers in the country.

In the General Assembly of Iberoamerican University Postgraduate Association, Dean Simon Bolivar University, José Consegra was delighted to hold this important meeting in Barranquilla.

At the event, 800 scholarships for postgraduate studies in the country were announced The goal is to bring the figure at the end of this government to 4,000 scholarships.

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