Asoleche calls for dairy chain agreement

Following the announcement of mobilization by the Colombian Federation of Cattle Farmers (Fedegán), headed by its president, José Felix Lavore, to reject the increase in milk import quotas for 2022, the Colombian Dairy Manufacturers Association (Asoleche) has called for dialogue so that all actors in the dairy chain can benefit from the consensus .

Asoleche reiterated his concern about the decline in the production and collection of this liquid throughout Colombia during the second half of 2021. The said collection was reduced in September and October by 15% and 14%, respectively, making the comparison of the same level. period but from 2020.

For this reason, Asoleche’s numbers certify the impact of the increase in the price paid by the official manufacturer of the milk product on the market, which represents 16% so far in 2021.

From the same association, it has been working jointly with all the dairy chain organizations in Colombia, together with the national government and regional entities, to find preventive measures that can counteract the current crisis and thus avoid “bad practices” by informal buying agents.

“Dialogue is the main way to solve problems that arise, thus avoiding situations that could lead to a repetition of the difficult situation that occurred in the past two years as a result of the epidemic and more than 3,000 blockades on the country. The highways that occurred during the year and which caused great irreparable losses sector and harmed all citizens.”

It should be noted that the losses incurred by producers in 2021 due to the impact of the international logistical crisis with high prices for fertilizers and concentrates, among other things, amounted to 104.7 million dollars, according to Jose Felix Laforie.

In the face of this, Asoleche noted that the dairy industry has not stopped and will continue to operate so that this sector continues to make a significant impact in terms of the development of the economy in Colombia.

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