Artists and musicians will be able to study at U Sergio Arboleda

Promising Ibaguere artists and musicians will have the opportunity to begin their professional training in the second half of 2022, thanks to the National Talent Scholarship offered by the Sergio Arboleda University School of Arts and Music, which is aimed at those interested in pursuing studies in music and musical theatre programs.

Those interested should apply for this call between March 28 and June 10. If the application is accepted, they will continue the formal admission process which includes submitting an interview and art competition tests for admission to one of the two undergraduate programs in the College of Art and Music.

In this way, young Colombians from regions of the country with outstanding skills in instrumental interpretation of classical, Colombian and jazz music, as well as in dance, singing and acting, in the case of musical theatre, and with demonstrated artistic experience, may be selected as recipients of the Sergio Arboleda University National Talent Scholarship that will be awarded A 75% discount on the value of tuition fees for students enrolled in the second semester of the current year.

It is important to keep in mind that the scholarships awarded are for high performance, i.e. they are for outstanding and talented musicians who must meet minimum requirements depending on the program and the manner in which it is applied.

The university will award up to 10 scholarships that will be allocated to the student’s entire life, as long as they maintain a good level of academic and technical performance.

Who can register?

In the music program, both classical and Colombian music performers with mastery of the following instruments can be applied: violin, violin, cello, double bass, cross flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, piano, lyric, pupil, Andean bandola , pandola lanera, quattro, runaway lanera, vallento accordion, vocals Colombian music, jazz saxophone and jazz horn.

In addition, groups or duets that register under the Interpretation of Colombian Musical Singing must take into account that the evaluation process will take place separately for each of the applicants, since allotted scholarships are individual.

As for the Musical Theater program, interpretive skills in dance, singing and acting are required. “Through this scholarship, we contribute to the ongoing and enlightened transformation of our artistic and cultural environments, and contribute to fostering a critical mass in the disciplines we lead; In addition, we create spaces to update new generations,” said Julian Montana Rodriguez, Dean of the School of Art and Music at Sergio Arboleda University. of artists.”

Those interested in applying can do so through the following link:

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