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Upon completion of undergraduate studies, there is always a question: what step to take? In fact, graduate studies are usually an immediate response, But many question this idea when considering its usefulness in practical life.

Many people are still discouraged from choosing a major or a master’s degree, so a practical option to get started is a diploma. It strives for more people to have access to this type of education, The Institute for Social Research has launched the Virtual Diploma Course: Postmodernism and New Cultural Trends, with a 40% scholarship for those who wish to acquire skills to deal with this pandemic. from the current world.

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It will be a graduate 5-month period, which will start on Saturday 14 May, Where participants will gain a greater understanding of postmodern conditions, starting with a reflection and analysis of various aspects such as its cultural trends and products, social and political influence, and threats to Western civilization.

The study plan of this diploma consists of 5 units, where students will address various topics of interest such as: its philosophical roots (the five revolutions of modernity, nihilism, deconstruction, etc.); new ideological constructs based on identity politics; Or the concept of a virtual media man. Each unit is taught by a select group of educators who specialize in the area, including Mexican writer, columnist and art critic Avelina Lesper, and Doctor of Philosophy Carlos Andres Gómez.

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“It is important to undertake this diploma course because, given the intellectual and moral corruption prevalent in our time, especially young people, leading them to confusion about their identity and the meaning of their lives, it is necessary to understand the current context and the dominant ideas that constitute it, to subject them to critical and rational judgment, and to overcome ideology by resorting to to philosophy,” says Dr. Gomez.

Its default method allows students to move forward in a flexible way, Access the content at any time and repeat the lessons.

interested in taking Postmodern Diploma and New Cultural Trends, you can register through the website

Those who register through the following link will be able to receive a 40% scholarship.

The Institute for Social Research has more than 1,000 students from 50 countries. Today they offer more than 50 specialized courses and diplomas.

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