Application deadlines for 903 public employment positions and 19 job banks and training grants expire this week

This week, the application deadlines for the various selective processes expire. In total, there are: 903 public jobs, 19 job banks and training scholarships.

The date that appears in the application deadline is indicative. In the invitations of the State General Administration, only national holidays were considered non-working; In the invitations of self-governing communities, local entities, national festivals and the corresponding self-governing community.

As for the Application deposit sitesin the rules of calls and regulated by Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the joint administrative procedure of public administrations, according to which the following can be submitted:

    • In the electronic record of the department or organization to which they are directed, and other electronic records of any of the subjects referred to in Article 2.1.
    • At post offices in the prescribed manner.
    • At the diplomatic representation or consular offices of Spain abroad.
    • At help desks in the matter of records.
    • In any other setting regulations.

Monday 18th April

Tuesday 19 April

  • 4 places for graduates (San Martin de la Jara Town Hall – Seville). more information
  • 2 vacancies for career advisors (Puente Genel City Council – Cordoba). more information
  • 8 social workers (City Council of Molina de Segura – Murcia). more information
  • 2 labor relations technician (Foundation for Dependency Care and Support in the Balearic Islands). more information
  • 4 Technicians in Teaching, Social and Sports Animation (Madrid Community). more information

Wednesday 20 April

Thursday April 21

  • 6 jobs for research support staff (Pablo de Olavid University, Seville). more information
  • 18 jobsFor Ships (Social Institute of the Navy). more information
  • 3 local police sites (Salteras Town Hall – Seville). more information
  • 6 contracts for research support staff (Pablo de Olavid University, Seville). more information
  • 1 Certificate in Pedagogy (Educa Public Foundation of Granada). more information
  • 45 firefighters (Forral community in Navarre). more information
  • Job exchange for garden operators (Huétor-Santillan City Council, Granada). more information
  • Technical Architect Job Exchange (Guarromán City Hall – Jaén). more information

Friday April 22

  • 1 square Police Activity Control Inspection Assistant (Sorvilán Town Hall – Granada). more information
  • 2 place: Architect and technical engineer (La Puebla de Casala City Council – Seville). more information
  • 4 firefighters (Madrid Community). more information
  • Scholarships To obtain a certificate of professional competence in health transport. more information

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