Antonio Noguera Guinovart of Tarragona, winner of the IEB Cristóbal Halffter XXXVII Member Composition Competition

The jury of the 37th edition of the Cristóbal Halffter Organ Composition Competition, formed by the President, Pedro Halffter, Antolin de Silla and Daniel Bombin, unanimously decided to award the prize to composer Antonio Nogueira Genovart for his work “Die Erinnerung” (Perfume of the Soul).

Unfortunately, as soon as this contest was announced, Cristóbal Halffter passed away. His son Pedro agreed to preside over this competition from now on.

The jury highlighted “the artistic quality of the work and its search for expressive language that simultaneously explores communication with the listener through a variety of bells and the inclusion of sopranos to give a greater dramatic contrast to the musical discourse with which he interacts. The title refers to.”

They also note that the author “demonstrates a deep knowledge of the tool’s characteristics and expressive ability.” They recognize “the depth of the musical discourse of the work and its artistic ambition at the same time”. A work whose complexity does not prevent its interpretation and transmission of its message to the public.

The jury is also grateful that many of the works presented in this edition have been dedicated to Cristobal Halfter and Marietta Caro.

The prize money is 1,500 euros and is sponsored by the Ponferrada City Council. It will be shown for the first time in the fall as part of the Cristóbal Haffter Festival of Contemporary Music organized by the city council itself.

About the winner

Antonio Nogueira was born in L’Amitla de Mar (Baix Ebri, Tarragona) on August 29, 1963. He studied at the conservatories of Tarragona and Barcelona, ​​where he obtained advanced degrees in composition, choral management, musical pedagogy and music theory.

Its main teachers were Josep Crivelli, Manuel Ultra, Josep Bosch, and Carles Genovart. The latter is considered decisive in his career, both in his human and academic face.

He is a laureate of the Honors Prize in Composition, Middle and Upper Class, with Honors in Ethnomusicology by the Barcelona Higher Conservatory.

In Catalonia he developed an intense educational activity and was awarded many scholarships. Since 1994 he has been Professor of Harmony, Analysis and Fundamentals of Composition at the Santander Conservatoire. He is also the author and co-author of several publications.

He gives lectures and courses inside and outside Spain, and as a jury in international competitions and training competitions.

He received the ‘Tarragoni Absent’ badge from Tarragona City Council and his works have been awarded and valued in many competitions, such as Generalitat de Catalunya (2004), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2004), Symphonic-choral by RTVE (2005), Cristóbal Halffter ( 2005, 2010 and 2011), Ciudad de Santander (2008), Cortes de Cádiz (2009), Música Sacra del Pilar de Zaragoza (2015) or the International Amadeus Competition (2020), among others.

His works have been shown and exhibited for the first time throughout Spain and Europe. Many end-of-degree and master’s projects were carried out in his chamber, piano, religious organ, and orchestra work.

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