Anses Progresar Scholarships: Who is Paid Today and When Registration Closes

The Progressive Scholarships 2022 Intended for primary, secondary and university level students, and Payable during this week of Aprilaccording to the beneficiary’s DNI termination and payment schedule specified by answer (National Social Security Administration).

Like every month, the Pension Agency publishes the exact dates for the payment of all social benefits and include there help students for him Registration is open for new applicants until April 30th.

According to the Anses calendar, On Tuesday the 12th of this month, Progressive Scholarships will be paid out to students with a completed DNI on 2 and 3.

The amount of Progresar Scholarships varies for all students, but varies according to the level of the student and the career choice they have made in their undergraduate or undergraduate career. Anses groups the beneficiaries according to the money they will receive for their particular status.

In addition, recently, a Offer expansion of scholarships to more students between the ages of 16 and 17 Which – for some reason – has interrupted the cycle during the pandemic. The purpose of the support is It attracts those young people who want to resume their studies.

In this case, those interested must register on the official website until Saturday 30 April. There they will have to Prove their status as a regular student and submit a sworn statement that they are committed to resume their studies.

To get this benefit, the family group income must not exceed 3 minimum salaries, vital and mobile (SMVM). With the latest update of this indicator, the student and his family You can’t receive more than $116,820.

Another requirement is that applicants must also be Argentine; naturalized or foreigners. The latter must have a DNI number and proof of two years of legal residence in the country.

It should be noted that the collection of the student’s incentive has been drawn in percentages so that the beneficiaries can complete their studies with this accompaniment. In this way, students who receive Progresar Scholarships receive 80% of returns in 12 installments all year round and The remaining 20%, once their normal student status is proven.

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