An increase in resources for post-secondary scholarships has been approved

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With this initiative, poverty is being reduced in the country through a proven tool such as education.

With the approval in the second discussion of File 22,566 “Equal Access to Undergraduate Studies Act” for Vulnerable, Poor, and Extremely Poverty Students, resources for post-secondary scholarships will be increased.

In this way, it increases from 0.43% to 1.21% of the regular and extraordinary budgets of the Social Development and Family Benefits Fund (Fodesaf) and its adjustments in the budget allocated to this Fund.

The new provision mandates 1.2% of FODESAF’s regular and extraordinary budgets and its budget adjustments to be allocated to the Ministry of Public Education for awarding post-secondary scholarships.

Wagner’s deputy Jimenez Zuniga, a supporter of the project, emphasized that with his approval, poverty in the country is reduced through such a proven tool as education.

He pointed out that technical studies show that there are large gaps in access to university studies in the country, as 80 percent of young people who belong to low-income families do not have the opportunity to attend university.

As he explained, with increased resources, between 6000 and 9000 new scholarships could be offered, subject to verification of the applicant’s economic difficulty.

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