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On his return from school, Mi Ryung Fabian Petsait Ogkosh ran to hug his grandfather Raphael, laughing, telling him how it went. But one day that man with a big smile was gone: he had a heart attack, and there was no health facility near his house, located in the Emaceta community, Amazon, to help him. This episode made him strengthen his calling to become a nurse. Despite the fact that he failed on the first try to win Grant 18Did not give up.

“The loss of my grandfather has affected me so much, he took care of me and my brother since we were young and gave us his unconditional love. That is why, in his memory, I now want to help others when I finish my degree and be a model for my entire community.” says the 19-year-old.

To achieve this, Mi Ryung had to work twice as hard. With the occasional jobs of her mother as a restaurant helper and laundry, there was not enough money to cover the basic needs of the family of two brothers.

Since he was a child, the talent has been distinguished for being highly applied and responsible in his courses. He felt that this was the way to reward all the effort his mother put in so that he and his younger brother would not be lacking.

In the 2021 call for Beca 18, he applied in the Amazon Indigenous Communities (CNA) method.

In addition, he liked that his grandfather was pleased with his small but important achievements. “The courses I liked the most were Communication, English, Science and Technology, and Art. I finished my high school second in all my promotions and I had the pleasure of doing it.”

Convinced that she will continue the college education she longed for, Mi Ryung has barely completed high school, leaving her community, family and friends, but not her memories, to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional. Travel to Jaén, in Cajamarca, to prepare and apply for 2020 Scholarships 18 of the National Program for Scholarships and Education Credit (Pronabec) of the Ministry of Education. A teacher at her school told her that she had a good chance of winning one of the vacancies, because she met the requirements.

“I applied with great passion, but I did not win the scholarship. At this moment I felt sad because I thought I was missing out on the great opportunity to become a nurse,” the young man recalls. As the hours passed, the sadness that conquered her chest became a strength.

He remembered his mother and grandfather again, and he was not to let this setback prevent him from achieving his great goal, so he prepared himself with more effort and dedication for the next competition, and was sure that all that effort would soon produce the results he hoped for.

“After taking classes at the academy, I studied until very late and on weekends too; above all, the courses which were the most complex for me, like mathematics”Mi Ryong points out.

In the 2021 invite for Beca 18, he applied in the CNA manner and when the day came when the first-moment results arrived, he got nervous and closed his eyes for a moment and slowly opened them to see his picture. Name on the computer screen as a contest winner.

“It was one of the happiest days of my life”refers to the future professional who is now in the third cycle of the nursing profession at the Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza de Amazonas.

With this achievement, Mi Ryung will be the first to become a professional in his family, a challenge he takes on with great responsibility as he is the example of his younger brother, who wants to follow in his footsteps. “I would like him to achieve his goal as I do,” he says.

During his first year at university, with the arrival of the pandemic, the young man had to take virtual lessons, but now he knows his university, classmates, and friends.

The talent already has plans for the future. You want to complete your degree, graduate and practice your profession in the community in which you were born and raised. “There are many needs at Emaceta and I would like to do my part so that those most in need receive better care,” he says.

He also thinks of his mother, the person who trusted him and did everything possible so that he could enter the university and win the scholarship. “She’s my biggest motivation and I want to give her the best.” Tell young people to fight with all their might for their dreams, because although there are obstacles along the way, there will always be new doors that will open.

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