Alliances and Triple Impact Projects: Themes of the Company’s Sustainable Agenda

The pandemic has forced companies to advance their sustainability agenda, In the context of It has become necessary to meet the needs of the communities in which the organizations carry out their activities.

In order to counteract the negative impact of the health emergency and adapt to the requirements of its clients, Companies have boosted the projects they were working on before the outbreak of the Corona virus Forging alliances with institutions to promote its sustainable programmes.

This was stated by Agustina Zinarosa, Director of Sustainability at Pan American Energy (PAE); Gabriel Breeze, Director of Environmental Performance at Grupo Logstico Andreani; Gabriella del Restoro, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Grupo Insud; Hearn Carbone, Director of Corporate Relations at BBVA Argentina In the “Sustainable Business 1” panel, as part of the “Sustainable Development” event organized by the historian.

Energy, development and sustainable growth: an opportunity in the midst of a crisis

What are the topics of the sustainable 2022 agenda

Support for small and medium businesses and women

For PAE, sustainability is in its DNA. Although the essence of our projects has not changed Changes imposed by context challenge us to identify New prioritiesZenarruza expressed.

In the past few months, PAE has focused its work on accompanying local SMEs, promoting greater access to health services and collaborating to bridge the digital divide. We are committed to improving the quality of life for communitiescommented.

to the executive branch Contribute to the recovery of small and medium businessesespecially those from small towns, It is the key to returning to the path of growth. “They save 70% of the workforce and contribute 50% of the GDP. So, We are expanding the programs aimed at them‘, he argued.

In this sense, One of the facilities that PAE offers them is access to finance. To deliver the credits, I made an alliance with Guarantee SGR, Mutual Guarantees Society, Where PAE covers commissions.

Another aspect the company is working on is enhancing the presence of women in the industryTraditionally associated with men. “It is difficult for us to find women who want to develop in this sector HR departments are looking for rare profiles. We launched undergraduate scholarship programs. Together with universities and colleges, we make agreements to encourage the study of new professions, Like behavioral science and digital innovation that didn’t exist before.”

sustainable logistics

The epidemic has boosted logistical activity.The bigger character came with challenges. growth for E-Commerce and responsible consumption Packaging They took us to review our projects.

“Our sustainability policy remains in place, but we are accelerating our innovation and development processes. Digital transformation helps us better plan in a context in which it is Climate emergencies are close to taking concrete action in the next two yearsPerez said.

One of the concepts Andriani is working on is the circular economy. The sustainable look is already in the product design, on how a container can be recovered, recovered and reused, giving it useful social value to other people. last year, 22 million home births‘, I mentioned.

“We decided to do it with technical rigor. We are partners with Conicet and join Fundación Valor AMIA“, he added.

community response

Through its business mix, Grupo Insud has dealt with health emergencies related to the needs of the communities in which it operates. “We are adjusting the private investment matrix based on requests, Delareo commented on her linking her more to the social class.

Offsetting the carbon footprint is a project that has been added to the company’s agenda. “We are scaling our agroforestry business line. At this first stage, we close the numbers. We plan to present it in the second semester, along with opportunities for improvement.”

In addition, The company works on the economic empowerment of women. We worked to highlight the role of women in science disciplines Together with Girls in Technologysaid the executive.

green finance

Since 2019, BBVA has been providing Green Loans and Tradable Obligations (ON) For projects that have a positive impact on the environmentlinked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“We strive for objectives to be ambitious, verifiable and auditable. A recent case was the delivery of a loan of more than $1.2 billion to Ledesma. The company is committed to reducing carbon emissions and using energy from renewable sources. To the extent that the goals are achieved, a rate reduction will be applied. Otherwise, there will be a penalty reflected in an increase,” Carbone explained.

According to the Executive,It is profitable to allocate financing to individuals and companies for sustainable development“. “So, Know it as management strategy. We want to mobilize capital so that the trend expands and is permanently on the agenda, In a way that sustainability is present in the business and in the consumption of users‘, highlighted.

In terms of industries, Carbone noted that There are credits for energy production and the health sector, To invest in infrastructure to improve access to services. For individuals, the bank seeks to give loans for hybrid cars and home appliances with lower energy consumption.

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