Alleged waste of resources in purchasing a data plan for students

The Comptroller General of the Republic revealed a potential financial damage, to over 138 million pesos, In a contract entered into by the Minister of Education of Ibagué in 2020 for the purchase of SIM cards with a data plan or an Internet connection.

The purchase that exceeded 846 million pesos, Its purpose was to ensure attendance in virtual classes for students of formal educational institutions. During the covid-19 pandemic, between 2020 and 2021.

Each device purchased for 56 days of service, with a capacity of 500MB, Unlimited video conferencing platform, unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp And three links identified by the local administration.

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The regulatory entity warned against this, despite the fact that the Secretariat I paid 32,643 cards, more than 3000 did not have any kind of consumptionalthough it is recharged online, otherwise it will not be delivered to students.

Moreover, it is mentioned that there is no A study justifies the purchase of this number of cards, and there is no analysis of the conditions of children and adolescents Who benefited from the project?

“There is no support for the standards used, no certainty of the true need for mobile Internet service, Because it has not been established whether they have a mobile device, a necessary item to use the service‘,” the report states.

Aspects like this prompted the Comptroller to prove that this could have happened Possible violation of the principle of planning in light of the signing and implementation of the contract.

After learning of the warning, this was confirmed by Ibagué’s Minister of Education, Juan Manuel Rodriguez The agency has complied with the contract and is reviewing it To provide feedback to the supervisory body.

It’s a purchase made in 2020 and in 2021 some missing items were delivered and the contract was fulfilled. We check and strive to be able to prove it There was no problem with the cardsThe official said.

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Rodriguez made it clear During this period, this service will not be contractedbearing in mind that the students are already in face-to-face classes.

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