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All scholarships allocated by the University of Salamanca for the academic year 2021-2022

Specifically, the University of Salamanca allocates more than €80,000 for its scholarship programs and study aid in the 2021/22 academic year.

The University of Salamanca, through its Vice President for Students, It will allocate more than 800,000 euros to its scholarship programs and scholarships in the academic year 2021-2022 distributed among their invitations Scholarships from the University of Salamanca for undergraduate studies“Alumni and Master’s Excellence Program”, “USAL Solidari Fund”, “University Services Collaboration Grants”, “Cooperation Grants in Research Institutes and Special Centers” and “Santander Progressive Scholarships”, among others.

Implementation of scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022

During the last academic year, University of Salamanca Undergraduate tuition assistance program – addressed to those students who lack financial resources, and cannot apply for state or regional scholarships for some academic reasons- With a series of urgent measures that will be maintained in the 2021-2022 school year. The goal is Resolving unfavorable economic or academic situations arising from the exceptional situation caused by the epidemic And to contribute so that the student community can achieve its goals and fully develop its academic activity.

In 2020, this call for scholarships, which aims to cover and facilitate tuition and accommodation costs, has been supplemented with a An exceptional call to deal with situations arising from the epidemic with spending of more than 162,000 euros and 811 beneficiaries. This aid It will be consolidated in the 2021-2022 school year with a budget €280,000 and €250,000 donation to the SolidariUSAL Fundwith no limit to the number of scholarships, administered by the Social Affairs Service and aimed at assisting students with economic needs to help alleviate economic hardship that arises in cases of urgent or serious necessity that may affect them temporarily.

Similarly, the University of Salamanca decided to extend Possibility of granting study aid to those applicants whose economic, social or family situation may prevent them from continuing of their studies or in which a special case is duly approved, in addition to amending the requirements minimum tuition fee, Which now allows partially-enrolled students to opt for assistance, which has increased the number of scholarship recipients.

So, in the 2020-2021 school year Of the 940 requests made to the call, whose The budget was 282,000 eurosa total of 291 scholarships were awarded with an average scholarship amount of €751.88, While the total number of scholarships during the years 2019-2020 reached 241with an average of 770.91 euros and a total budget of 280,000 euros.

Next to, In recent calls, exceptions to academic performance requirements in COVID-derived situations have also been included. In these cases, the percentage of credits passed will be calculated on the number of credits or subjects that have already been or could have been evaluated, Instead of the total credits recorded.

Collaboration Grants and Excellence Grants

The University of Salamanca Scholarship offer is complemented by others Assistance programs including scholarship methods from cooperation Carried out as a complementary activity to the studies.

of between it Undergraduate Services Collaborative Scholarship Program, Which offers a total of 22 scholarships with a budget of 110,000 euros; Recently Created Collaboration Grants in USAL . Research Institutes and Centers With a budget of €48,000 and offering a total of 24 new scholarships for the 2021-22 academic year; Assistance is held in cooperation with external entities, such as Santander Progression Scholarships (30 scholarships with a budget of €30,000); Or those who aim to facilitate the mobility of students by giving them the possibility to conduct part of their studies in another country The university as a SICUE program.

In addition, it is worth noting the standardization Distinguished Scholarship Program for Bachelor’s and Master’s StudiesThrough which the University of Salamanca seeks to encourage students by learning about Ability, advantages, effort and work for those who have achieved the best academic performance It will award a total of 30 scholarships for a total amount of €96,000 in the current academic year.

Under this call, in 2020-2021, 30 scholarships from the Excellence Program for students with the best grades (10 scholarships with a prize of €1,500, free registration and accommodation discount) and Masters (20 scholarships with a prize of €2,000, free registration and accommodation discount).

This call for help is also required Supporting the academic and professional development of university students By advising on personal itineraries for accessing the world of work and free participation in job search workshops, as a complement to the scholarship economic endowment.

Scholarships from the Ministry of Education, the Council of Castile and Leon and the Basque Government

The University of Salamanca, through the University Agency for Students and the Scholarships and Scholarships Service, It publishes annually, and charged to its budgets, the scholarship programs for official degrees and master’s studies of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and the Basque Governmentin addition to scholarships for The meeting of Castile and Leon For official Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies and its tuition assistance program for Bachelor’s degree studies.

far as the Calls for state and regional scholarships, Among the goals of the Vice President for Student Affairs Highlight the announced scholarships Improving information for students.

To do this, it uses, among other USAL media, the dissemination and promotion of calls in The electronic headquarters, the internal newsletter, the notice board on the scholarship and scholarship service website, Email communications and personal advice to potential candidates, along with the launch of the new Student Newsletter or the latest USAL APP for mobile devices.

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