All and All to Study beneficiaries enjoyed a friendly women’s soccer match in Colombia

About 200 young people belonging to the “Todas y Todos a Estudios” free education program had the opportunity to attend the friendly match between the Colombian women’s soccer team and Venezuela at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium (04.09.2022), as part of the escort of the Office of the Mayor of Santiago de Cali with the beneficiaries of the initiative.

Between shouts of goal and ecstasy of commitment, the final score (2-2) went to second place, because for students like Dylan Arcus, who chose to study sports technology at the National School of Sports, the valuable thing was the ability to visit the stadium for the first time:

“The truth is that it is very nice that they give us this kind of opportunity where we can participate, as well as the ability to study. I come from the 20th Commune, where we see many problems in the streets, and the fact is that it is very nice to move forward through study, ” confirmed.

Andrea Campos, a student of the same academic program, comments that thanks to “Todas y Todos a Estudios”, sport has become her life project: “I am from Commune 6, I am one of the first people in my family to enter university and the program is very important to me because in my case We didn’t have the resources. Now what I want is to nurture myself with knowledge and move forward to help my family and those around me.”

Given the vulnerability of young people, this ambitious educational initiative offers scholarships at 100% of the cost of academic programmes, awards digital tablets and data simulation cards for virtual activities, transportation assistance for each month and lunch and face-to-face sessions

Alexandra Monedero, Adviser to the Office of Mayor Jorge Ivan Ospina and Head of the Program, explained that the District Administration will continue to direct comprehensive supervision and listening to students so that they feel accompanied during the academic phase:

“It is very important for us to be able to accompany them and offer our support to them in different scenarios. In this case, promoting the culture of sports, which we believe is a path for social transformation and the creation of healthy lifestyle habits,” the official said.

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