Agreement with the Organization of American States on anti-corruption issues does not mean violating sovereignty | News

Foreign Minister, Cesar Landa, stressed that the agreement concluded between Peru and the Organization of American States (OAS) in the field of anti-corruption does not mean compromising national sovereignty, but rather aims to strengthen our institutions to confront this scourge more efficiently. .

During his speech in Congress, he said: “The agreement between Peru and the OAS does not in any way imply an impact on sovereignty, and the OAS aims to promote and consolidate representative democracy among member states while respecting the principle of non-interference.” Complete the parliamentary debate.

He pointed out that Peru and other democratic countries usually request the participation of the Organization of American States, the United Nations and other international organizations in electoral processes “without this implying interference in the internal sphere.”

He stressed that the Organization of American States plays an important role in combating corruption in the region, and from this logic it seeks to strengthen our institutions to deal with this social problem.

He added that the matter would allow us to comply with the international obligations that we have as a country in this regard.

He also said the State Department is abroad “where Peruvians need help”.

“The proof of this is the repatriation of 44,000 Peruvians in the most complex moment of the Covid-19 epidemic,” he said.

In addition, he commented that there are protocols of care for our citizens abroad, such as the repatriation of Peruvians to Ukraine and an emergency plan for our citizens who are in Russia.

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Publication date: 9/3/2022

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