Agarón between Murillo and Esparza, on racism in the military – Presidency – elections 2022

Luis Gilberto Murillo, the vice presidential candidate for Sergio Fajardo, and Colonel Jose Luis Esparza, Ingrid Betancourt’s vice presidential candidate, had a firm grip when the issue of racism in the armed forces was addressed. A topic Murillo referred to minutes ago when he claimed that no admiral is of African descent.

The reality of the military forces is diverse. And the powerful ingredient is full of variety, so we learn to know the customs of the regions and make great friends. “You lack information, and I’ll give it to you,” Colonel Esparza said to Murillo.

“And I believe there is no admiral or not. Our Admiral Padilla’s character is one of the most tolerant and respected in the Navy. Unfortunately, at that time I was condemned to the intrigues and political divisions that had arisen since we were a nation,” continued Colonel Esparza, who led “Operation Jack” “In which Betancourt was rescued along with others who were kidnapped by the FARC at the time.

They condemned him for being of African descent. You know it,” refuted Murillo, the former environment minister and ex-governor of Chocó.

Esparza replied: “No, they convicted him for this, they convicted him for conspiracies at the political level.” Both have sparked a historical discussion about Admiral Jose Prudencio Padilla, of African descent, who was involved in the liberation campaign.

Esparza replied, “You know that the editor sentenced Admiral Jose Florencio Padilla for a misunderstanding,” Murillo refuted. The colonel replied: His story from his point of view. Who built that sentence? Won’t he be with Santander and those splits?

“No sir. And I will tell you. I know the armed forces. The first scholarship program created for young people (of African descent) going in today, do you know how we got it? With USAID support.

“Do you know the software related to it?” Esparza noted.
“I know them,” Murillo replied.
– The soldier pointed out that there is diversity.

“You have to realize the lack of opportunities for communities of African descent in the armed forces. It is clear. “They don’t have to make any statistics,” Murillo continued.

“Lack of opportunity is not the context,” Colonel Esparza concluded, patting Murillo on the shoulder.

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