Activation of the call for scholarships in the municipality of Queretaro

Arturo Torres Gutierrez, Secretary of Human and Social Development in the Municipality of Queretaro.

Queretaro, April 11, 2022. – The Secretary of Human and Social Development of the Municipality of Queretaro, Arturo Torres Gutierrez, highlighted the reactivation of various social programs, which were temporarily suspended due to the electoral ban corresponding to the abolition of the mandate advisory.

The official confirmed, in the first place, that the invitation procedures for the “Your Scholarship” program will be resumed, as today there are 1,400 applications from high school, preparatory and university students.

“We already have about 1,400 students registered; we are still checking, and this will be closed until April 15, on the municipality’s page. We are working to ensure the call is closed on May 15th until delivery later in May.”

Similarly, Torres Gutierrez indicated that operating rules for five social programs will be approved this Tuesday at a municipal session: housing rehabilitation, housing improvement, support for child care centers, human settlement regulation, life insurance and street medical assistance. sellers.

On the issue of the rehabilitation of housing units, he indicated that the total coverage for this year is expected to reach 300 beneficiary places. While in the field of home improvement, it is reported that there will be 29 shares of additional room and 26 of the hardwood floor.

In the same way, inform the secretary that in

The Children’s Residence Support Program, which aims to support more than 60 institutions, by giving it 5,000 pesos per month.

Regarding the organization of human settlements, he said that more than 850 plots of land will be sought in various informal neighborhoods.

Finally, Arturo Torres noted that in the Life Insurance and Medicaid Program for Street Vendors, there is currently a registry of 2,750 people registered, which will be expanded to include taxi drivers and small and micro businesses.

He emphasized that at the moment, 100,000 pesos had been charged from this life insurance for the death of 17 people. At this point, he confirmed that they are looking to offer this program to six thousand people.

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