About 3000 UPrO students will have access to the Progresar Scholarship

From the Department of Education in San Luis and UPrO, House of Studies students will have access to this nation-grant educational incentive administered by the provincial government throughout the San Luis Territory. Register until April 30th online.

The Minister of Education, Maria Eugenia Cantalupe, and the Dean of the Provincial University of Commerce (UPrO), Joaquin Soroca, announced that students of that university will be able to access the Progress Scholarship, an educational incentive granted by the national government. Higher education, compulsory education and Progresar Trabajo.

Regarding this joint work, the Minister said: “By working between the Ministry of Education and UPrO, we have achieved that the students of this university can obtain a Progresar scholarship that will accompany them in their studies. This is exactly what we are looking for, for students to reach their graduation goal. This is an administration that Joaquín has been implementing for a long time before the Ministry of Education of the nation and we joined in its realization. Today this work is paying off, so we are very happy.”

For his part, Soroka said: “The impact of this work is very significant. We were making the arrangements and it was very difficult for us. Thanks to the work of the Minister of Education, we were able to be recognized this year as an accredited institution of the Progresar Scholarship Program and we can grant nearly 3000 students access to the This advantage, so that they can continue their studies and complete university and graduate studies.”

He added, “This feature will be accessible to students from all extensions that UPrO has in the county that meets the requirements, for residents aged 16-24 and extends up to 35 for those with children under 18.”

The scholarship is intended to accompany those interested in completing their primary and secondary studies, as well as those who are already studying at the higher level or wish to train professionally.

To register, those interested should go to the website www.argentina.gob.ar/educacion/progresar, where they will find detailed information about each line of the scholarship. There is time until April 30 to register.

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Pictures and video: ANSL.

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