A young student hits a classmate from his school in Cali

It is common for parents to repeat to their sons in the process of upbringing that “you cannot even touch women with rose petals”. Although this phrase should apply to anyone, regardless of their gender, cases of abuse of women and girls should cause particular outrage in society.

This week, a gruesome case was reported at a private school in Cali, where a young student hit a classmate in the face, a fact that led to social network users being rejected.

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In a viral video, a student appears to have an argument with a classmate. In an audio clip, you can hear how the other colleagues are yelling at him.”Stop him, stop him, break that cup”, as if they were encouraging him.

Likewise, many young students were heard saying, “Stop being stupid, Daniel.” When the situation seems to calm down and the young man goes to his post, he suddenly pounces on the student and puts her in her face, which provokes the reaction of his classmates who push and beat him.

What’s wrong with Daniel, he’s crazy,” they shout at him as they take him away from his partner.

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