A young man from San Antonio will fulfill his dream of studying social work with the support of Esval and the IPP Institute – G5noticias

To be a social worker and provide support to other people is the desire of Tais Fuentes, a San Antonio resident and recipient of one of the scholarships offered by Esval and the IPP Professional Institute, for full coverage of her career.

Tais is the eighth beneficiary in the region, thanks to the alliance between the department and the academic entity. “I feel very happy, because I left my studies due to economic problems and never thought I would get this opportunity to train in what I love so much. I would like to study Social Work Technician and what I hope is to be able to help change the world, as well as pass all my classes and move on In getting my degree. I am very grateful to Esval and IPP, so now we are all going on,” she commented.

Zonal Deputy Principal at Esval, Alejandro Perez, emphasized that “these cases of support are very satisfactory, as they reflect that our commitment to the community goes beyond the service we provide on a daily basis. We are very happy to help Tice realize his dream of going back to school and we wish him all the best, together Along with the IPP’s thanks for trusting us in providing these opportunities to people in the area who have the desire to study and sometimes don’t..have the resources to do so.”

The scholarship covers the entire technical profession and recipients have the support of teachers, advisors and the entire academic team of IPP, and advance their studies through 100% online platforms, from their homes or anywhere connected to the internet.

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