A platform to track your children’s academic performance

Medellin Mayor’s Office About the launch of the educational platform Peguiled by the national government, with which a pilot project is being implemented in the educational institutions José Eusebio Caro, of the municipality of 4-Aranjuez, and of José Antonio Galán, of the municipality of 3-Manrique.

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The Minister of Education, Alexandra Agudelo Ruiz, explained that Bijoy was born to runr all school resources, from notes, all administrative materials, but above all, new contents for students. And for those from the ninth to the eleventh, specific contents, for example, in the field of mathematics and English to promote bilingualism

On the platform, members of the school community can create a role that allows them to access different options, depending on the situation. For example, teachers can plan all their classes, Develop district plans by periods, create their own learning activities using indicators, and define their dates and assessment criteria.

“On the platform we find many aspects that we no longer need to work on manually, there is the life monitor, all the contents of the zones, the layout of the subjects and the plans of the zone. We do what we did with the children every day”.

Student Arrival 1,190 training courses from various fields of knowledge and parents can see details of activities, grades and academic calendar, among others, to monitor their children’s learning process. The Minister of Education, Deans and Coordinators also play a role in Pegui.

It’s a good opportunity, because we can integrate. We parents no longer have any excuse to say that we don’t have time to work, but we are in that moment to discover, through this platform, everything that happens at school,” said the mother of the family, Claudia Patricia yes.

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Pegui allows training operations under virtual (e-learning) and face-to-face (b-learning) learning, that is, it can be used as a fully digital classroom, thanks to functions such as video conferencing and instant messaging, or used within the classroom as an interactive option to enhance knowledge.

Those who want to know more about the platform, You can enter the following link: https://pegui.edu.co/?page_id=4176

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