A man from La Linea slips into the top 200 students in the Spanish Baccalaureate

A photo of a young man from La Lina who managed to place himself among the 200 best high school students in Spain.

200 baccalaureate students from Spain will meet from March 25-27 to compete for one of the 50 places awarded annually by the Europa Santander Scholarship Program, among them a student from La Lina, named Lazaro Cruz Dantathat wasJoin this fight This has succeeded in merging into this tandem that positions them as the “best” at the national level.

This was explained by his institute, and HEI Mediterraneanwho took the opportunity to congratulate the student on reaching this third stage and being among the best baccalaureate students in Spain, “Congratulations!”

More than 4,000 students from more than 4,000 schools across Spain participated in this edition. Candidates shortlisted for the final stage, from 16 autonomous regions, have an average of 9.8. So far, 850 young people between the ages of 16 and 18 have been awarded scholarships in this programme.

The applicants passed three stages

Applicants reached the final stage after having to pass three stages. first they answered a questionnaire, then provided an audiovisual montage to introduce themselves and explain their motivations and interests; Finally, they answered a test in logic, lexicon, and personality, as well as an English language test.

Now is the time when they will have to think and show their thoughts and interests in be talented Which focuses in this edition on the aspects of improving the island of La Palma, which suffered, at the end of 2021, from the eruption of a volcano Cumber Vega volcano.

As detailed, throughout the weekend they will work and present, through teams, 27 projects targeting eight business areas: agriculture and livestock; culture and society; education; business and employment; Infrastructure and buildings. Environment; health; and spiritual life.

50 finalists will receive scholarships

To achieve these goals, the 50 contestants, to be announced in June, will enjoy a 20-day journey to learn about the world of universities in Europe. The tour will take place in July. During the itinerary, which has not yet been determined, scholarship holders will participate in meetings with leading professionals in their field, attend conferences and carry out recreational and training activities with authorities from the political, academic and research fields. Among them, the meeting with the King and Queen of Spain, Felipe and Letizia, stands out.

The 200 candidates will have the opportunity to participate in the School of University Leadership (ELU), a project that brings together high-performing students from more than 40 Spanish universities, and aims to build a network of talents and enhance their intellectual abilities. .

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