967 college scholarships are awarded to young people from low-income families in Bucaramanga

aAt least 967 students will receive university stipends in Bucaramanga next year: 537 students are part of the second semester and 430 are new students in the first of 2022. All beneficiaries belong to classes 1, 2 and 3.

Each of them will receive a subsidy of 100% of education costs for access to technical, technological and vocational programs in higher education institutions with which the municipality of Bucaramanga has agreements.

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Those who are preferred will be able to pursue their undergraduate career at the Industrial University of Santander, UNESCO Institute for Statistics; Technological units in Santander, UTS; National Open University and Distance, Unad; Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Onap; God Minute University Foundation; Technology from Fitec. Comvenalco University Santander Foundation; Manuela Beltran University, UMB; Itai Educational Foundation; University of Santo Tomas, Aosta; and the University of Santander, Ode, among other institutions.

According to Bucaramanga’s Minister of Education, the northern and northeastern municipalities are the regions where the largest number of scholarships will be awarded, with 461 out of 967.

On the other hand, there are 58 subsidies for young people who live in rural areas.

The data was revealed during the Generation E meeting, Gratuities and Opportunities for Youth, promoted by the Ministry of National Education and Icetex, through the mayor’s office in the case of Bucaramanga.

The young people who received the grants are graduates of a formal municipal educational institution.

According to the mayor of Bucaramanga, Juan Carlos Cardenas Rey, “These subsidies are achieved through the formulation of efforts aimed, among other things, at bridging education gaps, combating abandonment and encouraging competitiveness in the region.”

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