500 young Cucuteños studying with scholarships ranging from 80% to 95%

Five hundred young people from Kokot are the lucky ones who will benefit from scholarships for the program “Generation 2050”, which facilitated access to education through scholarships awarded by the municipal administration and seven universities in the region.

With this program, The municipality grants a subsidy of 50% of the tuition fee, And according to the university and the chosen job, The higher education institution contributes between 30% and 45% of the tuition fee, So that only young people have to bear between 20% and 5% of the total value of each semester, so that more will have the opportunity to access professional jobs.

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“Education is the key that opens the door to development to combat poverty and inequality. “We must continue to support young people, and advance their business and humanitarian vision, and one of those paths is higher education,” said Cucuta Mayor Jairo Yanez.

They are Simon Bolivar University, Minoto de Dios University Foundation, Free University, Universidad de Santander (UDES), Francisco de Paula Santander University (UFPS)and the University of Pamplona (UP) and the Comfanorte Foundation for Postgraduate Studies (FESC), the institutions that have joined this initiative.

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Belonging to “Generation 2050” is an opportunity to grow and contribute to society. Belonging to a university is something that was not in my economic ability“Being a benefactor fuels that dream,” said Esperanza Cuadros, a student and benefactor at Lieber University.

The administration stated that during the operation, each of the beneficiaries is accompanied by the Ministry of Education, which visits universities and engages youth with what “It allows progress on comprehensive strategies, that in addition to support in higher education, it becomes a program that allows the strengthening of leadership in the municipality.”

We continue to work continuously to reach more young people and to be able to provide them with access to high-quality education. For this reason, implementing programs such as “Generation 2050” and providing support to beneficiaries is the key to ensuring the optimal coupling and development process for their present and future,” said Luis Eduardo Roero, Minister of Education of the municipality.

In addition, The purposes of this program are socialized during visiting daysAgreements between relevant parties (the mayor’s office, universities and beneficiaries), doubts and concerns, all resolved with a view to the growth of the “Generation 2050” community.

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Who are the beneficiaries?

to gain interest, Youth must be between 14 and 28 years oldbe of classes 1, 2 and 3 and reside in Cúcuta.
Scholarships are prioritized for young people with differential styles, leadership skills, athletics or art competitions, or who have graduated in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They must not have discounts or other benefits from the university and not be part of a “zero-enrollment”.

Likewise, those who are part of the ‘Generation 2050’ must perform 60 hours of social service, which is supervised by the Ministry of Education, along with the Undersecretary of Youth, through the support team of the same programme.

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