48,146 young people benefit from Icetex in Santander

4Currently, 8,146 young people benefit from Icetex in Santander and 87% of them do not pay interest rates thanks to the fact that they have benefits such as subsidies, exemption from credit or access to scholarships.

In the department, there are also 19,220 users of educational loans to study in the state and 71% of them have interest rate subsidies. 91% belong to classes 1, 2 and 3.

The statistics were delivered yesterday in the capital, Santander, by the director of Icetex, Manuel AcevedoCitizens are urged not to repeat the myths or misinformation that are surfacing about getting credits in the area.

The director noted that “Icetex’s job is clear and by law has a specific mission, unrelated to political interests: promoting access and continuity, especially for young people from more vulnerable families, in education.”

He explained, “In higher education we have public institutions and we have to acknowledge the tremendous efforts made by the government so that young people do not enroll in them; that is, a full subsidy for the value of their education.”

After Acevedo’s meeting in Bucaramanga with deans, students, and administrators of educational institutions, it was determined that nine out of 10 credit users in the department are up to date.

He noted that due to the pandemic and the health emergency it has caused, 3,153 Icetex users were able to access the Education Assistance Scheme between March 2020 and February 2022.


The Director reported that, since March 1, Icetex has been implementing a stimulus and relief plan that yields important benefits laid out in Decree 1667, signed by President Ivan Duque.

“As a culmination of the COVID-19 assistance plan, which has benefited 160,000 young people and families over two years in the country, the implementation of the first relief measures has begun that deepen the special measures for those most in need,” he added.

“With this new model, a temporary interest rate cut will be made and will be implemented automatically for young people who have been receiving COVID assistance for interruption in payments or a lower CPI rate.”

He added, “From March 1 to August 31, 2022, these recipients will receive a 50% reduction in bonus points to the IPC at their rate.”

“These young people should not have a subsidized interest rate, they may be in the study or amortization phase,” he said.

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