400 German students have started receiving their scholarships

Benefiting from the Municipal Grant Program of the Leandro N. Alem Party, which this year reached 400 undergraduate and graduate students from across the region, began this weekend with corresponding deliveries for the months of March and April, with a first investment of 4.7 million pesos, as presented by Mayor Carlos Varares .

Beneficiaries will receive 5,000 pesos per month throughout the year – an amount more than double compared to last year – delivered at the Arturo Jauretche Cultural Center in Vedia, and the “Gustavo Hernández” Municipal Gymnasium in Alem and Digital Point from Juan P. papyrus. In Fortín Acha, El Dorado and Colonia, they are delivered at home.

This measure is added to the integration of free transportation to Lincoln, a problem that can finally be resolved since there are no intercity buses to this city, delivery of materials and start of services for educational institutions.

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