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3 free courses to learn how to use Excel from scratch – education – life

The way the world has moved in recent years, and the shocking change in the wake of the pandemic, means that students and staff need to master certain skills to perform at their best in their fields.

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Over time, the need to master various technological tools also appeared. This is the case of excel: A program that is difficult to understand for many. For this reason, we show you some free courses that will allow you to learn it from the beginning.

Get started with Microsoft

Microsoft has various resources available to teach users how to manage its many programs. In the case of Excel, the company has enabled a a path From 12 modules showing, for example, how to create documents, how to work with tables, how to create formulas, among other functions.

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According to the site, the training program lasts one hour. Each unit contains a video. At the end of the course, a short quiz is also available to test what you have learned.

You can see more information by clicking here.

Excel: the basics and tools

To keep exploring and learning about the most popular tools for Microsoft Excel There is a course taught by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Estimated duration of eight weeks, with between 3 and 4 hours of work per week.

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The program is accessed through “edX”, an educational platform that offers more than 3,000 courses in various fields. As per the course description, you will be working on functions such as display of results, graphs, functions and spreadsheets.

If you want to register, click here. On this website you will find more details about Free course.

Level Up: Data Management

Once you have dealt with the basic functions of Excel, it is time to challenge yourself and learn to use the program in a more advanced way.

“In this course you will delve into the techniques and tools for processing, managing and analyzing data that you can use in Microsoft Excel for decision making,” reads the course description offered by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The institution adds that the course is Intermediate level. Therefore, to start with the sessions, it will be necessary to complete the course described above.

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To register, go to this link.

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