3 158 new university scholarships in jeopardy

Lynida Castillo. editor (me)

put New college scholarships it is in risk for him budget cut subordinate government to eight private universities subordinate Ecuador. For this period, these centers offered Cineskate 3158 vacancies, because they have advanced planning, but now they will have to source the resources themselves.

In August 2021, a Secretary of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (Senescyt) to abolish the percentage of value-added tax who got Universities co-financedThe Council for Higher Education accepted this recommendation.

The chopped off It was US$12 million that the Universities of Azuay (UDA), Ecuadorean Catholicism (PUCE), Santiago de Guayaquil, Catholicism of Cuenca, Salesian Polytechnic, Vicente Rocafuerte and the private technologies of Loja and Equinoctial were accustomed to to fund The Academic Scholarships.

These grants are intended to Different Careers, which are offered in the Senescyt system as part of their available rations. In this period, 118,000 places were offered, of which 3,158 correspond to scholarships, an amount equal to the previous academic year.

The student from low economic resources Who, for various reasons, did not reach a quota in public universities choose to enter private universities, with the application of one Software From academic scholarships, partial or total tuition fees.

Sarah Guaman, 18, from Saraguro, is looking for a scholarship for it continent economic at the Catholic University of Cuenca, but he has not yet achieved it. He wants to continue medicine and his result was 805 in conversion testso it was not preferable to have a place in a public place.

His father is a day laborer and his mother owns a fast food kiosk. Alexandra Suquilanda says her daughter is frustrated, but they don’t have $1,500 to settle and $1,900 for a semester at the Catholic University of Cuenca.

“These are high values ​​that we do not have, but public and private universities should increase scholarships so as not to leave young people with limited economic resources out of education.”

According to Lorena Araujo, UEFA Director General, in 2019, eight universities s Private Polytechnic Schools Funding 130,000 scholarships with state funds and by Emergency healthy subordinate COVID-19 Increase aid.

For example, at the national level PUCE He had more than 2000 scholarship students with state money. In the context of the pandemic, they have offered at least one scholarship to 10% of 19,888 students, with their own resources. Araujo says that despite the systematic decline in state allocations, the eight co-funded centers have been disbanded maintain The lozenges For students of all kinds.

In other words, each center guarantees that the students who benefit will complete their studies as scholarship holders. This gives Sophia peace of mind, who is in her third year of running a business at UDA He receives a grant of 50% of his tuition fees.

His father is a teacher and his mother is a seamstress. What they earn is not enough to cover Invoices that your require a race. “If they take a scholarship from me, no matter how much effort we put in as a family, I will have to interrupt my studies to work,” Sophia says.

However, Araujo states that a file Removal from Means subordinate condition deteriorate Liquidity subordinate Universities And it will be difficult for the scholarship policy to continue in the medium term. Senescyt says that Higher Education Law Universities are forced to award scholarships to young people with limited resources.

Andres Bauta, President students Union From UDA, he also sees problems. He says that although the university president has promised to continue funding these programs, it won’t be sustainable in time.

In the long run this can be generated inability from Means and the authorities You have to scale back or suspend programs, Bauta explains. “It affects the poorest social class, because they do not have other ways to pay for higher education.”

For this semester, the College of Applied Arts Salesian Providing 269 Senescyt places for new students. These scholarships cover half the cost of the degree, which ranges from $1,140 to $1,960, regardless of the cost of registration.

This university has differentiated retirement system The scholarship is according to their financial situation and pro-rata tuition payments. One of the teachers said that the intent was not to exclude any student who wanted to study at this center.

The authorities of eight universities operate in a joint proposal to get New missionswhich will be submitted to Senescyt.

Point of view

‘We must work for financial independence’

Carlos Cordero Dr. Economic Analyst

Fopedeupo funds (the law allocating income tax and VAT resources to universities) are becoming increasingly inadequate. In the past two years, tax collections have been lower and five new universities have been established. There are more participants in this fund and it is not the fault of the government.

Now Fopedeupo’s reform must be done so that the allocation to universities does not decline, and is consistent and sustainable.

We must work for financial independence. Universities are open to the possibility of obtaining international aid through project funding, but it is a marginal issue and not essential for scholarship programmes. No outside body has a lot of money to fund it.

With state budget cuts to universities, the affected are the students who rely on these scholarships for their careers, not the universities. Now there will be a percentage of scholarships that cannot be met.

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