200 educational scholarships to study telemarketing, bartenders and hairdressing

With the aim of boosting the employment of young people, who number about 16% according to the INEI, the Pachacútec Foundation is launching four technical courses aimed at young people with low incomes, which will give them the opportunity to generate their own income in the short term. time, start your own business, or join the job market.

There will be approximately 200 vacancies in total that will be offered by Pachctec for courses Telemarketing, hairdressing, catering, bars and bartenders. Classes will be taught by professional professionals and in alliance with the best companies in the country.

Through these scholarships, we seek to transform the lives of low-income youth and adolescents in Peru and help them integrate them into citizenship with the required technical training and human values. With this we will achieve their effective integration into employment, the generation of their own business and a positive impact on their family and community.’,” said Maria Theresa Pompoy, Vice President of the Pachctec Foundation.

Here is more information about the courses:

One. Telemarketing: The course is supported by Konecta and DKV Integralia. It targets young people over the age of 18. It provides the tools necessary so that young people can work in customer service or as a sales promoter in call centers or similar areas in any company. The program encourages the inclusion of persons with disabilities. The course will be taught in the blended mode and will run for 4 months (16 weeks) from 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM. The tuition fee is S/90, as is the monthly fee.

two. Hair cut salon: The course is aimed at teenagers and young adults aged 14 and over. He is supported by the company L’Oréal Peru, with which a program is designed that ensures familiarization with the latest trends in the beauty and care industry. Students will be trained to perform holistic treatments in the hairdressing area and will be able to work in the job market for hairdressers and spas and provide independent services or start their own business. The course will be taught in a face-to-face manner and will be of 4 months duration. Classes are available in two shifts: from 8:00 AM to 01:00 PM or from 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM. The tuition fee is S/110 and so is the monthly fee.

3. Restaurant and bar service: One of the main challenges of the gastronomic sector in Peru is matching food quality with optimal service. Pending the development of the sector and meeting new needs, the course – sponsored by Backus – will train students who are able to provide excellent service in restaurants, bars, cruise ships, events and independent food services. It will be given in the morning in a face-to-face manner and will continue for 6 months. Registration cost S/90 plus monthly fee.

four. bartenders: This course is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 29. DIAGEO, the global leader in spirits, is supported by the Learning for Life programme. Students will become experts in cocktail techniques and at the cutting edge of trends, supplies and techniques, and will be able to perform in the job market for restaurants, bars and catering services. The course will start on April 11, will be taught in the combined mode and will last for 3 months (11 weeks). Registration cost S/90 plus monthly fee.

Since 2004, nearly 4,000 young people have graduated from the Center for Productive Technical Education (CETPRO) of the Pachacútec Foundation.

Bartenders course starts April 11th. For more information, applicants can access the CETPRO website https://fundacionpachacutec.org/cetpro/

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