$18 billion will be invested in undergraduate scholarships at Atlantico

The education For young people, it remains one of the main bets in Management Governor Elsa Nogueira. Proof of this is his announcement of investing $18 billion in university scholarships for the next year.

The president’s announcement came during a meeting with the beneficiaries of the scholarship program through educational funds, the trainees in the department’s best universities, including technicians, technicians and university students who benefit from the “Atlantic Youth” program. .

Noguera stated that what is required of the government is to continue to expand lower Education so that more young people can access technical, technological and university jobs.

“Today we meet with a large part of beneficiariesThey tell us about their experience and this confirms our commitment, which is why we will allocate an additional fund of $18 billion for the next year and complete the education courses well. It’s important not to stick with what we’re dealing with, but that’s every time Enter Governor said.

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