11 million scholarships awarded to students, an unprecedented number: Lopez Obrador

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has confirmed that they have not stopped offering 11 million scholarships to students from preschool to doctoral degrees.

During his message marking the 100th day of the fourth year of his government, the Federal President stressed that she is an unprecedented figure, unprecedented in the history of Mexico.

He explained to members of his government and other guests, that coverage continues to expand and the quality of education is improving, and he clarified that there are four priorities.

Treat teachers with respect and justice, never offend them again, and never again expel our teachers; updating the contents of our textbooks, awarding scholarships at all academic levels to students from poor families and keeping educational facilities in good condition while channeling budgets to the communities of mothers, fathers, and teachers.”

He indicated that an agreement will be reached next month with the union representing workers in the field of education to increase their income in real terms.

He explained that so far, with the participation of teachers and educators, the contents of 97 textbooks have been reformed at the same time that 172 titles and 27 supplementary printed materials have been obtained to improve the knowledge of teachers and students in all subjects.

He reported that 68 thousand schools have currently received a direct budget for the maintenance of their facilities, and this year the number of schools served will increase, and the amount they receive will increase.

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