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Do you want to study programming? What if you take lessons? Amazon Web Service? Learn Python with Cisco? java with IBM s inspiration? or basics of programming using Microsoft? Even better! Totally free.

as there 10,000 places for Colombians who want to learn and get certified as programmers.

Where and how do you register? Here we tell you.

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ICT mission 2022 It is a national government project that seeks to provide tools for 100,000 young people and adults in Colombia want to train In technology issues that aim by 2022 to benefit more than 60,000 stakeholders.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Carmen Valderrama, indicated that during 2020 and 2021, within the framework of these alliances, “Free courses for pre-selected and Mission TIC alumni have been implemented in the training room, so that they can enhance their knowledge, impacting about 15,000 Colombians with digital badges.”

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What do the courses consist of?

The new call is based on completely virtual courses, with a total duration of more than 150 hours, in which they will be able to learn and deepen topics from the digital repository that they will find in the “Programming courses” section, as soon as they choose.

There they will be able to access courses dictated by Amazon Web Services, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

It targets Colombians over the age of 14, and in some cases over 18, depending on age groups set by allies.

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Classes with Amazon Web Services

Recipients will have access to the Amazon Web Services Educate cloud to learn the basics of programming, with a focus on web, application, and DevOps development. In addition, since it is stored, they will be able to study according to their time.

Classes with Cisco

With Cisco, you can get the basics of programming in the Python language.

In addition, Cisco Networking Academy Leader for Colombia, Peru and Chile, Diana Tamashiro, noted that “under this alliance, we have already benefited from training many young people in Python, but also provide opportunities for more advanced training for network and infrastructure programmers.”

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Classes with IBM

Courses with IBM focus on Java programming, React Native, and Spring Framework development.


For its part, Microsoft will provide the chapter on programming basics with a focus on Azure.

Classes with Oracle

Finally, Oracle will teach the course on the basics of programming in Java.

How do you register?

If you wish to participate in the call, you must enter the following link where you will find the registration form located on the page of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Where you can also find out more details of the call.


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