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Grant her forgiveness in ICETEX

If you are a student or a professional who wants Complete your studies abroadAt ICETEX you can find this wonderful opportunity. On this occasion, you will be able to choose a scholarship that will allow you to study abroad absolutely for free in The best universities in the world.

So if you have good academic performance and want to live the experience of being able to become a professional abroad with great universities, feel free to learn more Everything you need and what this is all about.

What are the Tolerable Scholarships at ICETEX?

This kind of so-called forgiveness scholarship is Credits awarded by the organization to students who have excellent performance in their studies and who are on low incomes. These scholarships 100% waiver of all tuition feesOf course, if the beneficiary completes the program successfully.

In other words, when we refer to a scholarship, in this case, it is an agreement in which a particular organization grants a loan to a specific student, but free of charge, without having to pay it in the future. They are credits given to those who have the best average and obviously have the desire and He dreams of finishing his studies abroad.

When the student completes his studies, he will have 12 months time to be able to perform the treatment of what is known as forgiving. The process by which he is free from paying the debts acquired in the institution in which he studied.

But, There are some types of scholarships that can be forgiven, That is why we will explain it to you in detail below and then we will talk a little bit about the requirements that you must meet in order to apply for a scholarship of this type.

icetex scholarship application is pardonable

What kind of tolerable scholarships does ICETEX offer?

There are many scholarships offered by ICETEX that have the peculiarity of being forgiving, so we are going to name you very briefly any of them, so that you have an idea to choose.

ICETEX is enabled today only Two Kinds of Scholarships ForgivenessThe waiting lists are as follows:

Scholarships for talented young artists.

• ICETEX Scholarships for Black Communities.

With this type of scholarship, you will be able to choose to cancel your debts, so that you can train abroad in your desired region, at the best universities in the world.

ICETEX Young Talented Artists Scholarship Selection Requirements

This scholarship is among the most important scholarships offered by ICETEX and is undoubtedly one of the best we can find on this platform. The main goal is Help and motivate these Colombian artists No matter what they excel at. In order to receive this scholarship or credit, you must meet the following requirements:

• To be of Colombian nationality.

• Age between 18 and 35 years.

• Live in Colombia permanently.

• Have not received this Young Talented Artist Scholarship in the past.

• If the young talent has credit with ICETEX, he must have canceled half of the debt and be on the lookout for payments. Verify that you have the financial ability to meet both responsibilities.

• The rest of the requirements specified in the last call.

• Return to the country upon completion of the program for which you were given credit.

• Inform ICETEX of the date you will return to the country.

• Implement the amnesty process within 90 days of your arrival in the country.

• Completion of the recovery process within a maximum period of 12 months, after the moment the aforementioned process began.

• Submit the documents required by ICETEX when the return to the country is notified.

Scholarship Requirements from ICETEX Black Communities

To be able to choose this type of file Scholarships for Black Communities You need to meet certain requirements, so take note.

• To be Colombian.

• Be of the black ethnic group.

• Not having enough resources to pay for their studies.

• The study program should solve a problem in human resource training for black communities.

• Demonstrate that the studies for which you are applying for credit are related to jobs that help black communities.

• The lack of financial support from an entity similar to ICETEX.

• To be registered in a higher education institution.

• Satisfactory adherence to requirements within the time specified on each call.

• Do you have an email.

• Register on the page ICETEX website.

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