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Information on ICETEX Scholarships Abroad

Almost all students want to migrate abroad to benefit from university studies. Which is that learning, personal growth, and the presence of another culture can have a profound effect. There are many Colombian students who prefer ICETEX Scholarships Abroad For these and other reasons.


This is a scholarship program of the Columbian Institute for Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad where students from this country are offered the opportunity to study in other countries. Generally, this type of study plan is offered to young people who have academic excellence and are able to contribute in various ways. Important social aspects.

The countries available with this scholarship system are France, Germany, United States, Belgium and others. The hedge funds The fees extend to the duration of the student’s stay in the country of destination.


It is worth noting that the offer of international scholarships is very wide. There are many fields of study in which students can apply abroad. Many of them contain funding for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, masters, major, and more.

Students must Apply for scholarships Once accepted, they will be able to find out what offer is available and which country they can study programs in. Languages ​​can also vary a lot. Although there are jobs in Spanish and English, there are also other languages, such as the languages ​​of Asia, Africa and Europe.

Most Wanted International Scholarships

Students benefiting from ICETEX tend to apply for their scholarships mostly within these countries.

Scholarships in China

Asian continent It is one of the most in demand, especially in China. Some of the fields available in this country are tourism, psychology, agronomy, engineering, management and much more.

Scholarships in Hungary

This is arguably the best country to apply for a science related scholarship. Hungary has the best universities specializing in Physics, health and chemistryHumanities, among others.

scholarships abroad for icetex

Scholarships in Russia

If you are a fan of everything related to physics, systems engineering, architecture, aviation or astronomy, then Russia is the best destination. Your scholarships include college funding, room and board, and certain expenses.

Scholarships in Japan

If you decide to study in Japan, it will be at your disposal $1300 a month This will help you to study in any university in this country. Most of the careers available are related to medicine, social sciences, and architecture.

Special Program Grants

ICETEX Scholarships Abroad They always include special programs for young people with artistic talent, language assistants, alliance platforms, and more. In any case, all programs are available to citizens of Colombia, and you can apply through the website https://web.icetex.gov.co/.

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