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ICETEX PhD Scholarships

If you are already a professional but Do you want to further improve your knowledge?s And adding or expanding your skills to improve your resume, this is your chance. get one Scholarship at ICETEX It will help you to get your PhD in the best universities in the world.

Recently a call was made so that you can do your Ph.D. abroad, this time with 100% financing of the entire program. In this opportunity, we will talk about everything you need to know, so do not hesitate and take advantage of this opportunity that is available to all Colombians.

What are ICETEX PhD Scholarships?

ICETEX PhD Scholarships is Programs or Funding It will help you to improve professional quality, along with the best universities in the world. On that occasion, all Colombians will be able to enter by fulfilling certain requirements asked of us by ICETEX.

The branches where you can get a PhD are really broad and Covering many professions worldwide. All this will depend on the profession or profession in which the student works as well as on the country he wants to go to.

It is worth noting that these grants today are Among the most requested requests by studentsSo rations are extremely rare, but obtaining them is not impossible. This program through which you will be able to get the scholarship abroad is called the Flag Passport. This program is considered one of the best opportunities for Colombian professionals to pursue a professional career in top universities abroad.

icetex PhD Scholarships
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What is a passport for science?

Passport to science is one of many Scholarship Programs Offered by ICETEX for Ph.D.. This opportunity is open to all Colombian professionals So that they can get a master’s degree as well as a doctorate. This scholarship is set up for a master’s degree with the best universities in the world and thus is something that really has a high standard and importance for those who decide to get it.

This is how Colombian professionals get an opportunity or some kind of permission to access The best PhD and master’s degrees in the best universities. In order to get this, you must meet each of the requirements established by the same institution, which we will tell you about later.

The Passport to Scientific Process will give you grants or funding for credits for a maximum period of four years to undertake a Ph.D. containing thesis, to Solve the main problems of Colombian regions or communities.

Requirements for an ICETEX PhD Scholarship

In order to get a scholarship at ICETEX for Ph.D., It must meet a series of requirements until you are accepted. You will also have to perform a series of actions more than all of them online. Then we will tell you what you need, so pay attention.

• To be of Colombian nationality

• The chosen master’s or doctoral degree must be of an investigative nature and must complete a dissertation as a result of its research process.

• In the event that the student has already started doctoral studies, he or she must ensure that he or she is located in one of the 500 homes of study or universities in the Shanghai ranking. Or failing to do so, in one of the 25 Thomson Reuters Research Center.

• If the student has not started his studies, he must prove that he has been accepted into a master’s or doctoral program in any of the 2016 Shanghai Universities Ranking, or at Thomson Reuters Centers.

• When you see that you meet the above requirements, you must enter the web and then complete or formalize your application. Then you can be sure of your potential place in the selection process.

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