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ICETEX English Language Scholarships

Study English today for many people has become indispensableIt is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. This will open a file Doors to the professional or business world.

Often times we intend to make a file Quality English course, but maybe we don’t have enough financial resources and it will be a little complicated for us. This is why we offer you ICETEX English Language Scholarships. This program is designed for Colombian students and professionals who seek to grow in the academic segment.

Below we will direct you to everything you need to choose a file ICETEX Scholarships to Study English in ColombiaSo pay attention and take note.

What are the ICETEX Scholarships for English Language Study?

ICETEX Scholarships are those that are enabled this year 2022 in Agreement with the American Colombo Center, offers scholarships to 150 students with excellent performance. Notably, these scholarships cover a 100% of all tuition feesand you can access two levels, B1 or BB2

This process begins every year, specifically in November and December, beginning in the first weeks of January. The duration of this course which was open to Colombian students is six months. Before it is personally and actually performed, but due to factors around the world, This can only be done by default for now.

Important information is that 40 stakes have been added to this grant to be distributed to Indigenous women or live there Rural areas, in order to improve their careers and thus improve their quality of life. That is why if you are interested in taking the excellent English language course offered by us ICETEX, feel free to see what is required below as a condition of choosing a scholarship.

ICETEX English Course Requirements

In order to get an ICETEX Scholarship for an English course, It is necessary to meet certain requirementsThat’s why we’ll name them all below.

• To be of Colombian nationality

• The applicant must be over 18 years old

• You must be at least a fifth semester undergraduate student or have graduated from it for one year.

• If you are a student in a technical or short career, you can apply in your last academic year.

• You must have an academic GPA above 4.0

• You must have the time and desire to be able to see 100% of the classroom, as well as perform each task.

• Wi-Fi connection at home or in a specific location so that you can watch the chapters.

• You must have a laptop or desktop computer, equipped with a microphone, or headphones with a microphone for listening and speaking, as the case may be.

• Minimum knowledge of the language.

• Keen to learn English.

In case you want to choose one of 40 scholarships for women from rural or indigenous areas It must meet the following requirements:

• A residence certificate that proves that the area in which you live is rural.

• Do you have an email.

• You must be at least a fifth semester undergraduate student or have graduated from it for one year.

• Likewise, short-term or technical career students in the final year of the course can choose the scholarship.

• Average score greater than 4.0

• Internet connection

• Have a desktop computer or laptop computer with audio and video playback. Tablets or smartphones are also acceptable.

• Minimum knowledge of English.

Where can I apply for the ICETEX English Scholarship?

To be able to register and choose the scholarship, you must Go to the official page of ICETEXgo to the option that says Scholarships To study abroad, then click on special grants. Once you are there, you will be able to find all the information about the course, such as dates, description, and much more. Then you will see the option Sign in to apply.

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